Pigeon Control

Pigeon Control with Harris Hawks is an effective way to reduce, remove, and relocate problem and feral pigeons....

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Bird Control

The peregrine falcon controls the airspace, whether in nature, over a landfill, or the airspace above a vineyard, a falcon reigns supreme and as an apex predator, will command the skies....

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Roost control

When the grackles, starlings, and cowbirds return in the fall, a falconry based bird control solution can be the most effective way to relocate roosting and flocking birds....

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Falconry Based Bird Abatement

Bird control usingĀ a falconry based bird abatement program (hazing and harassing of nuisance birds using trained raptors) has been proven as the most effective and natural methods available. The success rate can be better than 98% when coupled with modern technologies and cutting edge falconry techniques.

Raptor Enforcement provides custom designed falconry based bird abatement programs to address your pest/nuisance bird problems. One of the more common and popular modern methods of bird abatement is employing trained Raptor Enforcement falconers to fly birds of prey/raptors over commercial urban, shopping centers, malls, resorts, agriculture fields, landfills, and airports. When the falcon/hawk appears it chases off the nuisance birds and those birds quickly scatter. With regular flights several times a day, the offending birds will not return, so long as a raptors presence is maintained, the problem is completely resolved.


Bird Problems

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